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The right communication tools for your business.



The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively is essential for business success – it’s instrumental for growth and productivity. With the right tools, your team can choose how to collaborate from anywhere, resulting in a flexible and agile business.

Partnering with leading platforms from Cisco and RingCentral, UCtel provide a full range of collaboration services, relieving business communication pain points and delivering outstanding results. Whether you need on-premise, hosted or UC as a Service (UCaaS), UCtel will change the way your workforce and customers connect. 

On premise: Through Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager, UCtel offer a full collaboration solution with voice, video, instant messaging and video, presented in a consistent manner across phone, laptop, smartphone, tablet and video endpoints.

Cloud: UCtel deliver collaboration solutions from the cloud, whether that’s UCaaS, hosted or a hybrid solution. Partnering with Cisco and RingCentral, the team will cover all deployment methods and budgets.

Conferencing: Conferencing must be simple and easy to use on any device, from any location. UCtel provide a rich global conferencing solution, delivering voice and video based on Cisco Webex.

SIP: Through a partner network, UCtel offer global SIP trunking, delivering PSTN replacement services in 28 countries.

Video: Video is a key enabler of business. Gone are the days of complex video conferencing – now it can be enabled with a common user interface across multiple devices. With video, the level of communication is elevated above simple voice communication from a desk, boardroom or mobile device.

Contact Centre: The deployment of the right technology is key when it comes to Contact Centre, whether on premise or delivered from the cloud. Delivering the right channels to customers via a core platform is essential, alongside choosing and integrating the right peripheral systems, such as call recording, workforce management and CRM integration. UCtel understand vital business requirements, mapping them out to best fit technical solutions, ensuring the chosen technology can deliver against your priorities.



UCtel administer a complete network solution via partner Cisco Meraki, the industry leader in cloud-managed IT and digital initiatives. Helping businesses upgrade from outdated infrastructures, resulting in stronger communications, improved customer interactions and increased revenue. 

WiFi: The number of devices connecting to networks shows no sign of slowing, with applications consuming ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth. As such, businesses must deploy wireless networking that meets mission-critical standards, with the ability to reach high-quality performance and reliable connectivity. Cisco Meraki meet this requirement through its range of cloud-managed WiFi access points, while UCtel can design, survey and install the right WiFi network for your business’ needs.

Network: In the past, configuring a network required highly-qualified engineers. Meraki allows businesses to move on from this position, quickly and easily deploying devices into the network and setting policies based on business requirements – all configured from the Meraki Cloud.

SD-WAN: SD-WAN is redefining connectivity over the wide area network – maximising the choice, flexibility and performance – to provide connectivity that businesses need. With Meraki SD-WAN, a site can be up and running in minutes with full connectivity, visibility and security policies in place. 



Mobile coverage shouldn’t be problematic, and as a certified partner of Cel-Fi, UCtel can solve the problem of dropped calls, low data and poor voice quality within your workplace. Frustrated with mobile dead zones? UCtel promises indoor end-to-end network and phone coverage.

The new Cel-Fi product line provides an award-winning solution for addressing the universal challenge of poor cellular coverage in the office, at home, or on the road. Unconditionally network safe, with an exceptional coverage footprint and Carrier approved for 3G/4G/LTE voice and data, Cel-Fi can deliver 1000x signal strength.

Global SIM: Through a partner network, UCtel offer a global SIM solution, which significantly reduces the number of contracts that need to be held, simplifying the complexity of roaming and providing centralised and simplified cost management.


Managed Services

New technologies can feel complicated, but with UCtel’s overarching management and maintenance services, your systems will be well maintained and safe. Covering voice, data and mobile, UCtel’s range of managed services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Service Desk: The UCtel Service Desk provides a range of support services, from ad-hoc support through to 24/7 proactive managed services – including incident and change management.

Monitoring: UCtel recommend that all managed systems are monitored. Alerts are sent to the UCtel Service Desk if anything is not operating within normal parameters, allowing the team to monitor, triage and provide incident management. This platform also provides the basis for technical reporting, which identifies any underlying trends that may later lead to an incident.

Reporting: A key element of a managed service, reporting ensures the service meets expectations and SLAs, while also checking that managed systems operate normally, delivering the required stability and functionality.

Service Management: UCtel’s Service Management function ensures the service meets your requirements. Providing continual service improvement, trained Service Managers will perform regular service and technical reports, while maintaining a log of actions and issues.