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Better communications for every workplace

Demands on workplace and customer communications are changing across every sector.

UCtel enables businesses to create a fully connected environment, from overcoming mobile signal challenges on-site, to streamlining unified communications using solutions from industry leading vendors.




Transform the way your workforce and customers connect. UCtel deliver solutions in on- premise and cloud unified communications, video conferencing and contact centre to help your business collaborate from anywhere, on any device.

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Network Ensure you have the infrastructure to support digital communications. UCtel deliver reliable, secure and scalable networks to help you create digital experiences with confidence.


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In-Building Mobile

Bring uninterrupted mobile calls and faster 4G data speeds to your premises. UCtel solutions can deliver mobile coverage to any building, even in signal blackspots and high- density areas.




Managed Services

Keep every communications system running smoothly with our maintenance and management services. Find collaboration, network and inbuilding mobile service packages tailored to your business needs.



Do you want to bring better connectivity to your business?

Tell us about your business’ goals and UCtel can talk through the best communications options for you, whether you want to bring better service to your contact centres, banish bad signal from your workplace, improve your digital infrastructure or make the switch to a cloud managed IT solution.

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Partners and vendors: Working with industry-leading suppliers in their field.


Case Studies

Since 2011, UCtel has been working with global businesses to improve communications through infrastructure and telephony solutions, resulting in business growth, improved customer service and staff productivity. Contact the team today to see how UCtel can help with your connectivity and communication requirements.

With worsening customer satisfaction and missed revenue, Dufry was unsure how to meet and surpass its annual targets. By enlisting UCtel, the business succeeded in regaining its reputation, resulting in the delivery of an outstanding customer services experience and a significant boost in ROI. Read more
Facing missed revenue and a market share decline, Wolesley needed a solution, and fast. UCtel delivered a seamless transformation that enriched customer interaction and strengthened company-wide communications, increasing productivity across the business. Read more
Struggling to cope with dropping customer satisfaction levels and inefficient technology, LadbrokesCoral was failing to deliver on its company promises. UCtel’s expertise rapidly eliminated negative customers interactions, allowing the business to grow more efficiently. Read more
Operating in five countries, but with ineffective IT support, MS Amlin was confronted with a decline in market share and poor customer communications. However, by pinpointing the company’s shortcomings, UCtel was able to reveal the source of the problem, enabling the business to focus on improving customer interactions and business growth. Read more
Committed to excellent customer service and high staff productivity, it was vital that NHS Central London Community Healthcare had a system in place to generate seamless communication, improving call handling and customer contact. Via UCtel’s bespoke solution, the company witnessed a substantial impact on its customer satisfaction levels. Read more

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