What is Cisco Meraki and why your business needs it

Expanding your business and upgrading from obsolete systems to newer ones can be stressful, not only for the IT department of any organisation but to the wider workforce. Such undertakings expose a company to many vulnerabilities, such as data loss and breaches or lost connectivity. To help control these risks, you need a secure and streamlined networking system such as Cisco Meraki.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is an efficient, cloud-based networking solution that combines wireless networking, security and mobile device management to help organisations upgrade their communications.

Below are three reasons why your business needs Cisco Meraki:

1. Minimise threats to your enterprise by reducing management overload

Maintaining the stability and security of your business network during expansion is no easy task. For instance, opening new offices could lead to increased vulnerabilities in data protection, machine compatibility, and problems with client access. Business expansion is not the only challenge to the stability and security of the network; replacing outdated infrastructure also poses significant risks.

Cisco Meraki’s networking minimises the chances of your organisation’s system being attacked by using site-to-site VPNs which helps seal all loopholes and provides business-grade management tools for secure remote management. The secure IPsec tunnel allows teleworkers to access files and more securely, while updates can be delivered automatically and quickly to maintain your system's integrity.

2. Benefit from a reliable and efficient network

Cisco Meraki’s solutions help you make the most of your bandwidth by blocking heavy users, amplifying and duplicating data, and giving priority to dynamic QoS configurations. The system also addresses radio signal disturbances with immediate channel selection and alteration of power level output available via the dashboard to minimise any downtime.

3. Enjoy unified management of all devices

Cisco Meraki System Manager offers the wireless management, monitoring and diagnosis of a range of devices in one place, whether mobile, Macs or Windows. With remote access to all your organisation's devices, you can troubleshoot and install/update new software easily, modify data, monitor the most recent location of the devices and access client information. With these tools at your disposal, it is possible to track the usage of a range of users, resources and assets to reduce waste.

For more insights on Cisco Meraki and our other solutions, browse through our blog or contact us to find out more.

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