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Going wireless with Cisco Webex Teams

Having a wire-free environment can make life so much easier. We now charge our phones with wireless QI chargers, listen to our music on our wireless earbuds and use our computers with wireless keybaords and mice. Cisco Webex Teams also allows you to continue in this wireless space to connect to Webex devices to share content and start meetings.

Cisco Webex Teams Wireless

Working with existing infrastructure

Many of you will still have deployments of on-premise Webex devices but a recent change to Webex Teams now allows you to wirelessly share content and start meetings on al Webext devices regardless of whether they are on-premise or cloud based. You can now walk into you meeting room and have your laptop automatically connect to the rooms Webex device and with the click of a button have your presentation up and running on your large TV or projector display.

Enhance your meeting experiences

Instead of having everyone cramped into the same room, meeting participants can sit wire free at their desk or at home and enjoy free flowing and fully inclusive meeting experiences without the clutter of any wires. If you are using video content as part of your meeting or presentation then there are options to turn on high frame rate sharing so that both video and audio are crisp, clear and free from any annoying lag.

You can also hand over the meeting reigns mid call so that other participants can present and control the meeting. There is functionality akin to a TV remote that will allow you to unmute the Webex device and even control the volume if you have someone who is talking too quietly or is in a noisy environment.

You’ll find that meetings start much faster allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand rather than worrying about how effective using a video conference will be. You’’ also soon be able to pause your video stream if you’d prefer to not send video, as well as moving between devices mid call should you wish to start the meeting from your mobile and then move to your computer once you get into the office.

If you’d like to discuss any of the features we’ve talked about or would like to see a demonstration of how Uctel could help implement this for you, give us a call on 0 3333 4444 17 and we’ll be happy to help you.


Calling in Webex Teams

In an increasingly digital age, efficient and speedy communication across and through organisations is essential to a successful business. Leading the way in developing software to improve business communication is market leader Cisco. Cisco Jabber and Cisco Unified Communications Manager have between them provided the most comprehensive operating system for single premises calling and integrated communication. Now with Cisco Webex Teams, they have created a new level of team communication.

Cisco WebExt Teams Calling

Webex Teams is an integrated communication app that offers high-tech communication software for the digital and cloud-based business world while integrating neatly with your existing Cisco communication systems. Based on your work devices, Webex Teams is your one-stop app for all business collaboration. Webex Teams Calling specifically allows you the opportunity of making and receiving calls with ease, merging and transferring calls as well as sharing screens with your call partner. With the ability of persistent messaging, calling and content sharing, it is almost impossible to have poor communication. Place a call with your deskphone and have it controlled by the Webex Teams app, allowing you consistent and constant communication. With business becoming increasingly cloud-based, Webex Teams Calling moves your collaboration from just your premises to the whole world.

At UCtel we ensure that the technologies we help you to implement are closely linked and well integrated with your current and future business strategies. Our status as a certified partner of Cisco Select allows us access to the incredible software and technology they offer, while our knowledge and expertise from years in the industry allow us to tailor and deliver services that are perfectly suited to you and your business.

Our technical architects are ready to help you with any system you require, from project design to complete installation. Contact us today to make sure you are ready for Webex Teams Calling.

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Integrate your existing systems with Cisco WebEx Teams Open API

Cisco Webex Integration for Developers makes it easy to integrate into your existing workplace systems, such as collaboration services like Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365. The Open API that comes as part of Cisco WebEx Teams can help you deliver an intuitive approach to your everyday processes.

Integration API

How to integrate Cisco WebEx Teams into your workplace systems

There are lots of integrations you could consider worthwhile and you can even implement cool functionality such as streaming direct to Facebook Live! To implement any integration all you need to do is launch the Cisco Webex Developers Portal and through the OAuth framework in the portal, create a token for the integration between a specific tool and Cisco Webex Teams for seamless workflows.

Set up the redirect URL

To create an integration, the first step is to set up what is known as a redirect URL of the tool you wish to integrate. This serves as the callback initialisation point for the app and can either be a custom URI scheme or HTTP redirect URL. Configure it to use TLS 1.1 or newer versions for an HTTP URL, to safeguard the endpoint. Doing so ensures that the authorised communication between the app and Cisco Webex Teams cannot be intercepted in any way throughout the authorisation process.

In a development scenario, you can launch a basic lightweight server from a Mac terminal by typing the command

Python -m SimpleHTTPServer

or on Windows you can set up an IIS Server. Using either of these approaches will also require you to deploy a tunnelling proxy to expose your endpoint to the public internet (unless of course your web server is already public facing).

Establishing an integration

From your Webex Teams for Developers user account, click on your Webex Teams Apps, which will redirect you to the Apps pages. Click on the plus sign at the top right corner and select the "Create an integration". Once in the New Integration Page, assign a unique name and a contact email address. Next, supply a Redirect URL and specify the scope of your integration, and then submit your integration by clicking on the "Create Integration."

If you would like to discuss any of this functionality in further detail, please contact UCtel on 0 3333 4444 17 and we'll be happy to help you.

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How to ensure your business is making the most of Cisco Webex Teams Meetings

Everyone has experienced an inefficient meeting. Whether you have felt disengaged by a meeting or like your voice wasn't being heard, meetings can be nothing but a waste of time. Cisco Webex Teams Meetings have revolutionised how meetings are conducted, making meetings more collaborative, engaging and accessible. So, if you have introduced Cisco Webex Teams Meetings for your company, how can you make the most of the technology?

Flawless integration

To get the most of Cisco Webex Teams, it must be introduced and integrated with your current systems as efficiently as possible. UCtel can seamlessly connect your current communication systems with Cisco Webex Teams, ensuring your team understand and knows how to use the service from day one.

Insight on demand

The People Insights feature helps you to get information about who you are meeting fast. This ensures you are never stuck in a meeting wondering who someone is and can read a quick breakdown of an individual prior to any meetings to refresh your memory.

Increased collaboration

Tools like whiteboarding enable all members of a meeting to collaborate no matter where in the world they are. All users can add to and view the whiteboard, improving the visual engagement of the meeting.

Support growing teams

Cisco Webex Teams can now support 200 video devices in one meeting. This is ideal for companies with large teams or who wish to use the application for conducting seminars and conferences.

Improved quality

Webex Meetings has been optimised to stream and share video at 30 frames per second, this ensures video quality is always high and lagging streams are eliminated. This ensures mobile workers can take part in meetings without their video becoming distorted. As mentioned above, to truly get the most of your Cisco Webex Teams, it must be implemented and supported by a reliable and expert company such as UCtel. We have a solution-focused attitude that can help you make the most of your Webex technology and resolve any challenges you face with ease.

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File Sharing with integrated Cisco Webex Teams

In our increasingly interconnected world, there's seemingly no end to the number of files and data we need access to in an instant. But the irony is most of the programmes and systems we rely on leave us with isolated information stores with no clear way to bridge them for greater accessibility. Thankfully, the masters at Cisco have been working on the solution.

Cisco File Sharing

File storage and sharing – built-in

Cisco Webex Teams already offers an easy way for teams to collaborate on the same workload with its built-in file sharing and storage solution, whether your staff are in separate rooms, buildings or countries. That means whether you're messaging or video conferencing, your files can be accessed by all who need them, at the touch of the button. You can also easily share screens, sketches or whiteboards. Access, version and data loss control is easy, with regular updates, end to end encryption, PIN codes and Cloudlock to prevent access. But it doesn't end there.

Integration made simple

Remember all those isolated stores of information? Well, Cisco Webex Teams are now helping you coordinate them in one centralised place, thanks to integration with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online via their already-built-in file sharing capabilities. For businesses currently utilising Microsoft Office 365, this makes it easy to download and upload files directly through the Webex Team workspace – no more having to exit windows or switch apps to browse through another file store. You can continue chatting, presenting or conferencing with minimal fuss and interference.

The future's connected

And Cisco aren't stopping at just providing Microsoft integrarion. To truly realise their dream of offering a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management solution, they are currently working on expanding their integrations to Dropbox, Box and G Suite. So whatever your preferred style of working, there will be no drop in productivity.

At UCtel, we're committed to bringing you the very best in integrated communications and technology, to ensure all parts of your business can work well together. As a Cisco Select certified partner, we can help you implement this progressive built-in file sharing and storage solution to streamline the way you work, with integration with other software no longer a barrier. Find out more by getting in touch today.

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