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Network Solutions

Deploy better networks to support your digital strategy

Network Solutions

The number of devices connecting to the internet is growing every day, and so is web traffic.

You need an infrastructure that enables reliable connection, strong communications and a fully secure network for your business, especially if you are accessing any SaaS.

Cisco Meraki is the industry leader in network management, delivering cloud controlled WiFi, routing and security.

Fully scalable, Meraki’s cloud architecture creates easy to deploy networks that can be managed from anywhere, on almost any device, via Meraki Dashboard and Meraki Mobile App.

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Network Solutions


Faster speeds, more powerful connections: Meraki allows you to create digital experiences with confidence – even in problematic connection areas like high density interiors and outdoor environments.

UCtel can design, survey and install the right WiFi network for your business.

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In the past, you needed highly-qualified engineers to configure a network. With Meraki, you can quickly and easily deploy devices into the network and set policies based on individual business requirements – all configured from the Meraki Cloud.

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Security and SD-WAN

Combined SaaS, IoT and increased web traffic put pressure on business networks, limiting digital solutions. Meraki’s SD-WAN and security appliances give you more bandwidth at a lower cost – providing an effective and affordable way to support critical cloud applications. Meraki security appliances can be remotely deployed in minutes through the cloud, for a fast, accessible network solution.

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Improve your cloud infrastructure to support your business’ digital goals. Tell us about your connection issues and we’ll discuss the right Meraki solution for you.

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