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In-Building mobile signal

Better mobile signal for businesses.

In-Building mobile signal

Poor mobile coverage is not an option for today’s businesses.

With more digital solutions than ever, reliable 4G and voice calling is essential in every workplace.

Yet offices, warehouses, hospitals and shops across the UK struggle to maintain network coverage indoors, in rural and urban areas alike.

And it’s not always a network issue.

Luckily, revolutionary new mobile network solutions from our partner providers, including Cel-Fi, provide simple solution.

By bringing network signal to a building’s interior, they enable uninterrupted mobile calling, faster data speeds and better communication, for staff and customers alike.

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Network Solutions

What’s causing poor signal in your building?

Bad signal quality indoors can be caused by:

  • Brick, glass and metal
  • Trees
  • Hills
  • Bad weather
  • Mast distance
  • Building density

How can you solve it?

You can bring better signal to your premises with our in-building mobile solutions.


Boosts poor signal to improve calls and 4G coverage for all four UK networks.

  • Easy to set up
  • Low-impact installation
  • No interference with other wireless systems
  • Network safe
  • Authorised by 200 carriers globally
  • Automatically adjust to changing network conditions

Create a Cel-Fi connection

No mobile signal at your site at all?

Through our partners, UCtel can provide a direct connection from the mobile network to your site.

  • Guaranteed signal: no existing connection needed
  • Approved by all four UK network carriers
  • Small cell solution: no large comms room necessary

Connect your building

Bring better signal to your business. Call us today to discuss which option is right for your premises.