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UCtel partners with industry-leading and innovative platforms – including Cisco, RingCentral and RichCall – to help businesses meet evolving communication demands.

Change the way your workforce and customers connect

Customers and staff alike now expect more from their business communications. Streamlined conferencing, video-calling and instant messaging are must-haves for contact centres, teams, and workplaces to connect in the digital age.

There are different options available for every business, from video-only solutions to full unified communications systems. To talk through what’s right for you, call us on 0333 344 4417.

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Network Solutions

Complete Unified Communications

Bring a full unified communications solution to your business, by making voice, video, instant messaging and remote support available across phone, laptop, smartphone, tablet and video kiosks.

There are three models of unified communications available: on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

Which one is right for you?


Systems are hosted in-house and managed by your own IT teams and/or supported by managed services. A great option for larger businesses or those managing customer service centres.

Discover Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager


Systems are hosted by a cloud provider and accessed by a subscription fee. A flexible, secure solution used by businesses who want a more agile approach and less in-house maintenance.

Cisco Webex Calling, RingCentral


A combination of both cloud and on-premises, hybrid solutions allow you to connect a cloud-based UC to your on-premises hardware.

Cisco Webex Calling and Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Team video and conferencing

Streamline face-to-face communication within your teams – and with customers – through video conferencing from Cisco Webex. Suitable for multiple devices, including mobile, laptop, tablet and video end points.

Connect with Webex

Contact Centre

From camera and screen sharing, to video links and instant messaging, contact centres are changing. UCtel brings you technology that enables more personal and effective customer and staff support, with call recording, screen sharing, video, instant messaging and workforce management on one platform.

Our solutions:

  • Cisco
  • RingCentral
  • RichCall

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Support richer communications with SIP trunking. Make and receive calls via internet connections or dedicated circuits and enable real-time multimedia at scale – making unified communications across devices possible.

Install SIP

With the right tools, your business can collaborate from anywhere, on any device. Tell us about your business needs and we’ll talk you through the right solution for your business.

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