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How to ensure your business is making the most of Cisco Webex Teams Meetings

Everyone has experienced an inefficient meeting. Whether you have felt disengaged by a meeting or like your voice wasn't being heard, meetings can be nothing but a waste of time. Cisco Webex Teams Meetings have revolutionised how meetings are conducted, making meetings more collaborative, engaging and accessible. So, if you have introduced Cisco Webex Teams Meetings for your company, how can you make the most of the technology?

Flawless integration

To get the most of Cisco Webex Teams, it must be introduced and integrated with your current systems as efficiently as possible. UCtel can seamlessly connect your current communication systems with Cisco Webex Teams, ensuring your team understand and knows how to use the service from day one.

Insight on demand

The People Insights feature helps you to get information about who you are meeting fast. This ensures you are never stuck in a meeting wondering who someone is and can read a quick breakdown of an individual prior to any meetings to refresh your memory.

Increased collaboration

Tools like whiteboarding enable all members of a meeting to collaborate no matter where in the world they are. All users can add to and view the whiteboard, improving the visual engagement of the meeting.

Support growing teams

Cisco Webex Teams can now support 200 video devices in one meeting. This is ideal for companies with large teams or who wish to use the application for conducting seminars and conferences.

Improved quality

Webex Meetings has been optimised to stream and share video at 30 frames per second, this ensures video quality is always high and lagging streams are eliminated. This ensures mobile workers can take part in meetings without their video becoming distorted. As mentioned above, to truly get the most of your Cisco Webex Teams, it must be implemented and supported by a reliable and expert company such as UCtel. We have a solution-focused attitude that can help you make the most of your Webex technology and resolve any challenges you face with ease.

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File Sharing with integrated Cisco Webex Teams

In our increasingly interconnected world, there's seemingly no end to the number of files and data we need access to in an instant. But the irony is most of the programmes and systems we rely on leave us with isolated information stores with no clear way to bridge them for greater accessibility. Thankfully, the masters at Cisco have been working on the solution.

Cisco File Sharing

File storage and sharing – built-in

Cisco Webex Teams already offers an easy way for teams to collaborate on the same workload with its built-in file sharing and storage solution, whether your staff are in separate rooms, buildings or countries. That means whether you're messaging or video conferencing, your files can be accessed by all who need them, at the touch of the button. You can also easily share screens, sketches or whiteboards. Access, version and data loss control is easy, with regular updates, end to end encryption, PIN codes and Cloudlock to prevent access. But it doesn't end there.

Integration made simple

Remember all those isolated stores of information? Well, Cisco Webex Teams are now helping you coordinate them in one centralised place, thanks to integration with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online via their already-built-in file sharing capabilities. For businesses currently utilising Microsoft Office 365, this makes it easy to download and upload files directly through the Webex Team workspace – no more having to exit windows or switch apps to browse through another file store. You can continue chatting, presenting or conferencing with minimal fuss and interference.

The future's connected

And Cisco aren't stopping at just providing Microsoft integrarion. To truly realise their dream of offering a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management solution, they are currently working on expanding their integrations to Dropbox, Box and G Suite. So whatever your preferred style of working, there will be no drop in productivity.

At UCtel, we're committed to bringing you the very best in integrated communications and technology, to ensure all parts of your business can work well together. As a Cisco Select certified partner, we can help you implement this progressive built-in file sharing and storage solution to streamline the way you work, with integration with other software no longer a barrier. Find out more by getting in touch today.

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Cisco unveiling 5G connectivity at MWC19 Barcelona

We always look forward to the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) here at UCtel, and this year's MWC19 in Barcelona is promising to throw up the usual blend of exciting developments and fascinating speakers. Among the companies we will be keeping an eye on is telecoms giant Cisco, who look set to be one of the most engaging contributors at the showpiece event at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona this week (it's still on until Thursday 28th February and you can see the Cisco stand at Hall 3 Stand 3E30).

Cisco MWC19

One of the biggest reasons to pay close attention to what Cisco are doing is their plans to unveil their revolutionary 5G Architecture, in the form of the exhibition 'Cisco 5G in Action'. 5G is an exciting new mobile technology which we hope to deliver to our customers as soon as it becomes widely available on the market.

At the present time, the sky is literally the limit for 5G connectivity, as the innovation has the potential to offer many business benefits, according to Cisco.

The company explained in a statement: "We are focused on a 'monetisation first' approach and how you can maximize the value of your 5G investment by delivering new and unique services – when you make the right architectural transitions. Of course, you monetize your investment in multiple ways, so we are showing how the Cisco open 5G architecture helps you to grow revenues, reduce costs and mitigate risks."

The real world case studies which Cisco have announced they will be presenting at MWC19 should show us more about exactly how commercial organisations can take advantage of 5G, which incorporates machine learning for advanced automation, as well as closed loop functionality which makes 'self healing' possible.

In competitive markets where the name of the game is developing unique selling points on the path to profits, 5G has the potential to give customers the edge. On the back of MWC19, we will be bringing our customers the very best in 5G, in keeping with our speciality of communications optimisation. Among the first areas in the UK to start reaping the benefits of 5G could be rural regions which are currently under-served by broadband.

So watch this space for more on 5G from the UCtel and Cisco collaboration, or call us on 0 3333 4444 17 for an expert consultation.


Why you should choose Cisco WebEx Teams over Microsoft and Slack

Beyond email, enterprise collaboration is perhaps the best application to use for business communication, whether it is voice, video or messaging tools. Among them, three companies, in particular, stand out: Cisco, Microsoft, and Slack. While all three have their strengths and weaknesses, Cisco has managed to be at the heart of the collaboration market for quite some time, something backed up by a recent report into the sector by Info-Tech Research Group.

WebEx Online Meetings

So how has the company managed to outrank Microsoft when it comes to being a leader in the field, and how does it aim to surpass Slack? Well, Cisco already features the impressive WebEx tool for online meetings, Tandberg for video conferencing, and BroadSoft for cloud-based VoIP, and it is already committed to innovating on the collaborative experience by incorporating AI and Machine Learning technology to create better experiences.

Here are just a few more reasons why businesses should choose Cisco WebEx Teams:

  1. Cisco WebEx Teams provide a place for everything - Crucially, Cisco ensures that everything you need to get your work done is located in one handy place, which eliminates issues when working collaboratively on projects. Cisco makes it easy to chat, upload and search for files, or even start and join video calls.
  2. Ease of mobile working - That’s not all; the flexibility that comes from mobile working is a major benefit too. WebEx Teams makes it easy to join a call from your laptop with your mobile device, making this a truly versatile app to use.
  3. Simplicity - Most features in WebEx Teams are simple to use. If your business is looking for video call solutions, you will love how easy it is to start a video call in WebEx Teams. Of course, many organisations prefer setting up video conferencing to sending messages. With WebEx Teams, you are sure to spend less time and enjoy an effortless meeting process with your colleagues. What’s more, with calendar integration, you can easily create invitations within WebEx Teams in just a few clicks.
Choose UCtel for your WebEx Teams solutions

At UCtel, we are committed to ensuring that the tech solutions we offer are tied to your current and future business strategies. As a Cisco Select certified partner, UCtel tailor and deliver services on time and within budget.

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UCtel can revamp your huddle meetings with Cisco WebEx Teams

Having regular huddle meetings is one of the most effective ways of making employees grow fond of their jobs and the workplace. These interactions also result in staff loyalty which, of course, translates to better customer experiences.

Also known as scrums, huddle meetings typically last 15 to 30 minutes. And everyone is welcome to share their views, brainstorm ideas or simply set a plan for the day or week.

But for best results, the entire team should be involved - including those in satellite stations. And that’s where we come in. We optimise business communications using a collaboration tool. So you can finally concentrate on staying productive.

Think about it for a second – there's no need to own expensive IT equipment, mobility for your employees and year-round customer support.

To make all this possible, we use Cisco WebEx Team, a tried and tested solution for collaboration which comes in different flavours and shares these amazing capabilities:

4K video streaming

With a 120 degree of view, wireless sharing and multiple screen support, this tool will take your huddle meetings to the next level. Like most new electronics, it comes with unique smart capabilities such as headcount, a wake option that turns the system on when a person walks into the room and so much more.

Secure chat

Thanks to a group messaging feature in Webex team, you can send direct or team messages instantly, without having to worry about privacy.

Share files seamlessly

Nothing is more satisfying than having all your work-related files in one place and having a chat option right next to it. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Whiteboard feature

The Cisco WebEx Team system lets you visualise your ideas. And since it connects to multiple screens, you can easily share your thoughts and have someone else add their contribution, all in real time.

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