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Introducing the Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro

If your organisation needs a way to facilitate superior video conferencing on its premises, then the brand new Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro is great news. Building and also improving on previous Cisco technology, it makes conferencing easy, no matter how complex the arrangements. From large rooms to auditoriums and boardroom spaces, the Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro is outstanding.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro - why is it so amazing? 

Put simply, it gives endless possibilities to combine people with content. Currently, about 1.5 million Cisco devices are found in meeting rooms globally, trusted and loved for the performance and flexibility they offer. This latest product builds on that to offer much more. This includes: 

  • Powerful choice of 6 concurrent video inputs
  • 3 outputs – one at 4kp30 and two at 4kp60 
  • Total of 8 microphone inputs
  • Handy Cloud and on-premises registration

This range of features is why this new kit from Cisco will give you the freedom to deal with any video conferencing scenario. The kit will support any size of screen with an astonishing three 4k outputs allowing you to bring a massive number of people and content focused situations to life. Also boasting the same fabulous AI technology currently being used in Cisco products such as noise suppression, this new kit really changes the game. 

Integration is king

The real beauty of this new Cisco room kit is the way it offers a single, central system to work from. The screens are seamlessly partnered with the kit itself, so you don't need a separate control to work them. Using this kit is also much simpler than having different systems running to keep control of and monitor. The overall effect is that you have a cleaner, simpler workflow and are given the power to provide amazing video conferencing within your business. 

Let UCtel install it today

As a Cisco Select certified partner, we are very excited about this latest room kit. If you think it could help your business too, then why not get in touch today? We will use our experience and expertise to discuss how the new Webex room kit can help and arrange to install it for you. With training sessions offered for support staff and a commitment to helping integrated communications work for you, UCtel are the people to call.

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New features and functionality in Cisco WebEx Teams

Cisco WebEx Teams is constantly evolving and new features and functionality are improving the experience for users all the time. Today at UCtel we're going to take a look at some of these updates and what they mean for you.

Changes to Webex Teams Installation - Windows

We changed how administrators deploy the Webex Teams app to fix an issue where incorrect libraries are loaded. If you installed the Webex Teams app version 3.0.8780.0 or later, then you must redeploy the latest version to replace the previous install. For more information, see Cisco Webex Teams Installation and Automatic Upgrade.

Improved Calendar and Meeting List Views - Windows and Mac

Improved calendar and meeting list views make it more clear when meetings are scheduled in a Webex Teams space. You’ll be able to quickly access the space from the meeting list.

Connect to Webex Devices using Wi-Fi - Windows and Mac

You can now use Wi-Fi to discover and connect to Webex devices, in addition to ultrasound. You'll have this option only if your administrator enables it for your organization using Webex Control Hub.

Require a PIN to Connect to Webex Devices - Windows and Mac

When manually connecting to a Webex device, a code displays on the device, and you're prompted to enter it in the Webex Teams app. This lets you verify that you're connecting to the right device.

Redesigned Workflow for Signing Up and Signing In to Webex Teams - Windows and Mac

We have simplified the process to signing up and signing in by condensing the steps required to get into Webex Teams.

Clearer Indication that External Users are in a Space - Windows and Mac

We've made it even easier to see when people from outside your organization are in a shared space. The message area has a yellow tint and border around it.

New Colors for Whiteboards - Mac

Add more creativity to your whiteboard designs with these new colors:

If you want further details on the major content updates for this release, visit Content Updates for Cisco Webex Teams Releases or contact UCtel and we'll be happy to talk through any updates with you. The following infogrpahic also gives you a great visual representation of these changes and an overview of everything we've covered above:

Cisco WebEx Teams


Seamless integration of Cisco Webex Teams into your business

Cisco Webex Teams provides an intuitive way for teams to work together, so everyone is collaborating and working off the same page. UCtel offers seamless integration for Cisco WebEx Teams into any existing business architecture or third-party tools.

Cisco WebEx Teams

How UCTel helps integrate Cisco Webex Teams

We are certified Cisco partners, and have integrated Cisco systems into countless business organisations over a number of years. We understand that different businesses operate in ways that are specific to their organisation and culture, so we provide the seamless Cisco Webex Teams integration that's needed to ensure your business and team members achieve success.

Benefits of Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams helps to create the team culture needed to promote productivity within organisations of any size. The software is a merger between Cisco Spark and Cisco Webex, and provides simplified ways for teams to collaborate via instant voice and video messaging, no matter where participants happen to be in the world.

It's easy to share files and images or exchange messages with Cisco Webex Teams, but where the software really excels is in its rich meeting capability. You can organise meetings of any size and ensure that continuous workflow ethics become integral to your organisational culture. Teams are able to work much more effectively when they have access to a simplified meeting service offering all the benefits of Cisco Webex Teams.

Meetings kick off as soon as the first person joins, and team members can easily record all discussions within the meeting. Muting noisy participants is just a matter of clicking a button, and a complete record of all meetings can be accessed any time from the shared space that's built into the service.

Get in touch with UCtel today to find out more ways Cisco Webex Teams can improve team working and collaboration across your entire organisation. We'll be happy to advise and can help integrate your Cisco Webex Teams service into your organisational structure to suit your exact needs.

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Implement a team culture by using Cisco WebEx Teams

When you are trying to organise a meeting, however big or small, that constant struggle to connect all team members quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively is at the forefront of your mind. However, there is a simple solution and a few ways in which UCtel can help implement this for you to create that much-desired team culture into your workplace: Cisco WebEx Teams.

Cisco WebEx Teams

Easy communication for team meetings

Never has it been easier to connect all team members, no matter where in the world they may be. In a modern day professional environment, it's becoming increasingly more popular for employees to work flexible hours, which could also include remote working. Introducing Cisco WebEx Teams into the workplace allows effective, easy communication during meetings, helping to bring the team together.

Time efficiency

Time is of the essence in a lot of businesses, and trying to co-ordinate a meeting can sometimes be tricky. Cisco WebEx Teams connect employees quickly and easily – so you've more time to focus on the important aspects of the meeting and its outcome. This also helps drive a positive team culture, with everyone working efficiently.

Reduce room bookings

Communicate directly from your desktop or laptop computer with the help of Cisco WebEx Teams – without the hassle of trying to book rooms, or remove people from the middle of a meeting in order to obtain a room. Connecting directly from the comfort of a desk, or break-out area, enables employees to feel empowered but relaxed with a more informal attitude, which helps build more of a team culture.

Engage with contractors and freelancers with ease

If some team members are working remotely, this can sometimes cause a breakdown in communication. Implementing Cisco WebEx Teams into the workplace helps bridge that gap and bring teams closer together - they can share files, use whiteboards and send messages. The result? A greater aligned and positive team culture!

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Cisco Spark is now Cisco Webex Teams

For any users of Cisco Spark, a significant change is on the horizon. Recent news from Cisco at their April 2018 summit in Phoenix has seen them announce the convergence of Cisco Spark with Cisco Webex. This powerful new rebranding will see just one, new product emerge - Cisco Webex Teams.

Cisco Webex Teams

What is Cisco Webex Teams?

In essence, Cisco have merged Spark and Webex to create a new platform that gives the best of both to users. Prior to this merge, users would have been tied to using either Cisco Spark or Cisco Webex. With one product to simplify the meeting process, it gives much greater functionality than before. All meetings are now joinable from the Webex Meetings or Teams app and offer a common set of controls to users.

There is also a brand new type of meeting available, called a Webex Team Meeting. This makes use of the latest technology to let users in a defined space meet and chat in a more straightforward, secure way.

What does this mean for the future of team meetings?

Prior to this convergence, Spark and Webex ran as two separate entities on their own servers. With Webex Teams, Cisco data centres and the cloud are used to power meetings much more efficiently. This will give Webex Teams users the best possible quality and lowest latency for video meetings.

Industry-leading multi-collaboration tool

Perhaps the biggest feature of Cisco Webex Teams is the industry defining solution it offers for multi-collaboration. In the past, this would have required guest log-ins to be created for external participants which were a security risk as well as time-consuming. With Cisco Webex Teams, this is no longer needed!

The technology involved means that all users exist in a single, shared area of the cloud. No guest accounts are needed as full B2B collaboration is built in. Participants in a meeting simply join themselves via the same app with no outside IT help needed! 

Let UCtel help install Cisco Webex Teams today

At UCtel we are experts in all the Cisco systems and this includes Webex Teams. Why not call us today and find out how we can implement this powerful new platform into your business? Integration of this outstanding solution will be quick and seamless. 

Call today to find out just how we can install Webex Teams to help drive your business forward.


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