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Business losing out due to dropped mobile signal

Poor communication in a business is disruptive, unprofessional and damaging to growth.

When was the last time you were on the phone, about to close the deal with a potential customer only to find yourself in an office dead zone? The signal drops and your customer’s voice breaks-up or disappears, leaving you with a lost opportunity.

Are your visitors or guests unable to make or receive calls on their mobile devices? Do they have to always go onto Wi-Fi to get connected? Frustrating to say the least.

Cisco Meraki

But these aren’t the only casualty of inefficient mobile coverage.

When customer services are weak, and your workforce is struggling to remain professional due to dropped signal, productivity dips. The retention of customers and attracting a new audience then become a challenge, resulting in a decline of business growth and ROI.

Approximately 85% of your workforce is using more than one device to communicate at work, sending and receiving some of the 293 billion emails sent across the globe every day. But how many of these are getting stuck in an outbox due to bad data? And how many of these are opportunities going to waste?

Across the UK, productivity improves by 25% in organisations when employees are connected. But indoor mobile coverage is a serious problem across the entire UK – with 23% of businesses STILL plodding along without it. But when 89% of business owners believe it to be extremely important, something needs to shift.

UCtel understand that businesses want a system that can address poor coverage pain points, but at an affordable price. In fact, with 41% of you claiming exactly that, the team had to find a solution. And that solution is Cel-fi.

A revolutionary, award-winning product – developed by Nextivity Inc – simplifies daily interactions by improving indoor coverage with up to 1000x stronger signal. As Ofcom-Licence exempt and carrier approved and endorsed, it won’t interfere with other wireless products, ultimately delivering streamlined communications across your business.

Covering spaces no-one has covered before, Cel-fi…

  • Cel-fi is the ONLY signal booster authorised for use in nearly 100 countries by almost 200 mobile operators
  • Will achieve optimal indoor voice quality and data speeds
  • Is ideal for small businesses and enterprise environments
  • Can be installed and managed by UCtel

Even if the mobile signal in your office is inhibited or blocked by trees, hills, buildings or bad weather, Cel-fi cannot be stopped. Reproducing 3G and 4G connections and propagating signal coverage, it won’t overlap WiFi and can be easily switched between networks.

But with this level of technology, you also need experts - in the form of UCtel. As certified partners of Cel-fi, the team offer overarching management and maintenance services. Call UCtel today on 0333 344 4417 and get your business connected.

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Ready to simplify your business

In 2019, 38% of businesses viewed cloud management as a top priority, with many expected to process 94% of workloads with it by 2021. Join them in 2020 and simplify your enterprise…

Allow UCtel to put your business on the cloud with Cisco Meraki. With this secure and efficient cloud-managed networking system, you can streamline your business, resulting in increased productivity, stronger company-wide communications and enriched customer interactions.

Cisco Meraki

A cloud-based solution designed to help your organisation upgrade its communications securely, Cisco Meraki enables:

  • A complete networking solution including wired, wireless, security and SD-WAN
  • Complete control of your network from a centralised dashboard
  • Simplified template-based deployment methods
  • The ability to select a wider range of connection methods
  • Rapid deployment and cost savings opportunities
  • A wireless network that is expertly designed and engineered, optimised for the real world with excellent user experience
  • 100% cloud-managed IT, covering wireless switching, security and cameras, all centrally from the cloud

Also releasing an innovative new product in December, Cisco Meraki now also allows businesses to take advantage of mobile technology with an MG Cellular Gateway that can be positioned outdoors, guaranteeing your network will always have signal. And with 12% of organisations losing connectivity at least once a day, UCtel understand this business need.

As certified partners of Cisco Meraki, UCtel can offer a complete network solution, helping your business securely upgrade from outdated infrastructures resulting in stronger communications, greater efficiency and improved customer interactions.

Call UCtel on 0333 344 441 to unearth your options and get your business ready for the future.

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What is Cisco Meraki and why your business needs it

Expanding your business and upgrading from obsolete systems to newer ones can be stressful, not only for the IT department of any organisation but to the wider workforce. Such undertakings expose a company to many vulnerabilities, such as data loss and breaches or lost connectivity. To help control these risks, you need a secure and streamlined networking system such as Cisco Meraki.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is an efficient, cloud-based networking solution that combines wireless networking, security and mobile device management to help organisations upgrade their communications.

Below are three reasons why your business needs Cisco Meraki:

1. Minimise threats to your enterprise by reducing management overload

Maintaining the stability and security of your business network during expansion is no easy task. For instance, opening new offices could lead to increased vulnerabilities in data protection, machine compatibility, and problems with client access. Business expansion is not the only challenge to the stability and security of the network; replacing outdated infrastructure also poses significant risks.

Cisco Meraki’s networking minimises the chances of your organisation’s system being attacked by using site-to-site VPNs which helps seal all loopholes and provides business-grade management tools for secure remote management. The secure IPsec tunnel allows teleworkers to access files and more securely, while updates can be delivered automatically and quickly to maintain your system's integrity.

2. Benefit from a reliable and efficient network

Cisco Meraki’s solutions help you make the most of your bandwidth by blocking heavy users, amplifying and duplicating data, and giving priority to dynamic QoS configurations. The system also addresses radio signal disturbances with immediate channel selection and alteration of power level output available via the dashboard to minimise any downtime.

3. Enjoy unified management of all devices

Cisco Meraki System Manager offers the wireless management, monitoring and diagnosis of a range of devices in one place, whether mobile, Macs or Windows. With remote access to all your organisation's devices, you can troubleshoot and install/update new software easily, modify data, monitor the most recent location of the devices and access client information. With these tools at your disposal, it is possible to track the usage of a range of users, resources and assets to reduce waste.

For more insights on Cisco Meraki and our other solutions, browse through our blog or contact us to find out more.

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Is your business limited by lack of mobile coverage We have the solution...

People expect to be connected at all times. 4G and Wi-Fi are now considered essential in everyday life. But what happens when the mobile network is not available in a building? Do you make everyone connect to Wi-Fi? Having to sign up to Wi-Fi when you have an unlimited data plan isn’t great. Wi-Fi can solve the data problem but what about calls? Having a poor quality call or having to go outside to place a call, causes huge amounts of frustration.

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Solutions to this problem have been around for decades such as distributed antenna system (DAS) but have been complex and very expensive to implement. Mobile signal boosters have also been available but typically illegal to use. There is now a lower cost option that solves the in-building mobile coverage problem whilst being Ofcom licence exempt and approved by the mobile providers.

Introducing Cel-Fi

Cel-Fi by Nextivity provides a range of solutions catering for enterprise environments, small businesses, multi-story houses, remote settings, marine, and vehicles. Cel-Fi improves the indoor coverage with up to 1000x stronger signal whilst causing no interference to the mobile network. It utilises a smart approach to signal amplification taking into account various sources of interference and makes the indoor signal no worse than the outside one.


UCtel is a certified Cel-Fi partner. Get in touch to learn more about the range of Cel-Fi products and services that UCtel provides.

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5 best ways to use Cisco Webex Teams

The main objective of Cisco Webex Teams is to drive productivity through simple and straightforward tools. This collaboration service keeps people connected wherever they are and also simplifies the daily interactions with excellent integration, instant messaging, file sharing and much more.

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Employees can begin communicating with each other immediately at the click of a button. They can also share screens and turn real-time messaging talks into video chats when a more face-to-face context is needed. More so, you can connect your app to a Webex device to begin a meeting in a conference space or huddle room instantly.

Generally, Cisco Webex Teams makes meetings, conversations and file sharing easy, but here are some of the best ways to use it to ensure improved productivity:

1. Design your conferences around your teams

High-quality, annotation-rich screen sharing, video meetings and white-boarding are all accessible from any device through Cisco Webex Teams. Anyone can set up a meeting and access in-meeting tools such as the ability to record conversations or add guests. There is also the option to save all the files and whiteboards for future viewing.

2. Use the tools you love most

Cisco Webex Teams works well with others. There are many pre-built integrations ready for use with third-party applications from Salesforce, Microsoft and Google, among others. You can also find and implement bots that can help make your workflow experiences and conferencing more intelligent.

3. Make use of enterprise-grade security

Webex keeps your conversations and meetings secure using the enterprise-grade safety feature built into everything you do. You get end-to-end encryption for all your messages, files and drawings. You can also take advantage of the option that enables you to save your encryption keys on-premise as well as enjoy integration with DLP solutions for increased security support.

4. Customise your meetings with Webex devices

You can take your conferencing events to the next level using Webex Teams devices such as the Webex Board. You only need to connect the panel to the Webex app, and you can begin sharing personalised whiteboard drawings and messages instantly. Everything you create is recorded and stored on the cloud due to compliance reasons, or for later viewing.

5. Make use of in-app calling services

Cisco Webex Teams includes native voice and video calling facilities within your collaboration application. You can contact other Teams and quality-based SIP endpoint users and improve your experience using the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. On the other hand, customers can access upgrades through the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution or Cisco Webex Calling.

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