Why you should choose Cisco WebEx Teams over Microsoft and Slack

Beyond email, enterprise collaboration is perhaps the best application to use for business communication, whether it is voice, video or messaging tools. Among them, three companies, in particular, stand out: Cisco, Microsoft, and Slack. While all three have their strengths and weaknesses, Cisco has managed to be at the heart of the collaboration market for quite some time, something backed up by a recent report into the sector by Info-Tech Research Group.

WebEx Online Meetings

So how has the company managed to outrank Microsoft when it comes to being a leader in the field, and how does it aim to surpass Slack? Well, Cisco already features the impressive WebEx tool for online meetings, Tandberg for video conferencing, and BroadSoft for cloud-based VoIP, and it is already committed to innovating on the collaborative experience by incorporating AI and Machine Learning technology to create better experiences.

Here are just a few more reasons why businesses should choose Cisco WebEx Teams:

  1. Cisco WebEx Teams provide a place for everything - Crucially, Cisco ensures that everything you need to get your work done is located in one handy place, which eliminates issues when working collaboratively on projects. Cisco makes it easy to chat, upload and search for files, or even start and join video calls.
  2. Ease of mobile working - That’s not all; the flexibility that comes from mobile working is a major benefit too. WebEx Teams makes it easy to join a call from your laptop with your mobile device, making this a truly versatile app to use.
  3. Simplicity - Most features in WebEx Teams are simple to use. If your business is looking for video call solutions, you will love how easy it is to start a video call in WebEx Teams. Of course, many organisations prefer setting up video conferencing to sending messages. With WebEx Teams, you are sure to spend less time and enjoy an effortless meeting process with your colleagues. What’s more, with calendar integration, you can easily create invitations within WebEx Teams in just a few clicks.
Choose UCtel for your WebEx Teams solutions

At UCtel, we are committed to ensuring that the tech solutions we offer are tied to your current and future business strategies. As a Cisco Select certified partner, UCtel tailor and deliver services on time and within budget.

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