UCtel can revamp your huddle meetings with Cisco WebEx Teams

Having regular huddle meetings is one of the most effective ways of making employees grow fond of their jobs and the workplace. These interactions also result in staff loyalty which, of course, translates to better customer experiences.

Also known as scrums, huddle meetings typically last 15 to 30 minutes. And everyone is welcome to share their views, brainstorm ideas or simply set a plan for the day or week.

But for best results, the entire team should be involved - including those in satellite stations. And that’s where we come in. We optimise business communications using a collaboration tool. So you can finally concentrate on staying productive.

Think about it for a second – there's no need to own expensive IT equipment, mobility for your employees and year-round customer support.

To make all this possible, we use Cisco WebEx Team, a tried and tested solution for collaboration which comes in different flavours and shares these amazing capabilities:

4K video streaming

With a 120 degree of view, wireless sharing and multiple screen support, this tool will take your huddle meetings to the next level. Like most new electronics, it comes with unique smart capabilities such as headcount, a wake option that turns the system on when a person walks into the room and so much more.

Secure chat

Thanks to a group messaging feature in Webex team, you can send direct or team messages instantly, without having to worry about privacy.

Share files seamlessly

Nothing is more satisfying than having all your work-related files in one place and having a chat option right next to it. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Whiteboard feature

The Cisco WebEx Team system lets you visualise your ideas. And since it connects to multiple screens, you can easily share your thoughts and have someone else add their contribution, all in real time.

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