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People expect to be connected at all times. 4G and Wi-Fi are now considered essential in everyday life. But what happens when the mobile network is not available in a building? Do you make everyone connect to Wi-Fi? Having to sign up to Wi-Fi when you have an unlimited data plan isn’t great. Wi-Fi can solve the data problem but what about calls? Having a poor quality call or having to go outside to place a call, causes huge amounts of frustration.

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Solutions to this problem have been around for decades such as distributed antenna system (DAS) but have been complex and very expensive to implement. Mobile signal boosters have also been available but typically illegal to use. There is now a lower cost option that solves the in-building mobile coverage problem whilst being Ofcom licence exempt and approved by the mobile providers.

Introducing Cel-Fi

Cel-Fi by Nextivity provides a range of solutions catering for enterprise environments, small businesses, multi-story houses, remote settings, marine, and vehicles. Cel-Fi improves the indoor coverage with up to 1000x stronger signal whilst causing no interference to the mobile network. It utilises a smart approach to signal amplification taking into account various sources of interference and makes the indoor signal no worse than the outside one.


UCtel is a certified Cel-Fi partner. Get in touch to learn more about the range of Cel-Fi products and services that UCtel provides.

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