File Sharing with integrated Cisco Webex Teams

In our increasingly interconnected world, there's seemingly no end to the number of files and data we need access to in an instant. But the irony is most of the programmes and systems we rely on leave us with isolated information stores with no clear way to bridge them for greater accessibility. Thankfully, the masters at Cisco have been working on the solution.

Cisco File Sharing

File storage and sharing – built-in

Cisco Webex Teams already offers an easy way for teams to collaborate on the same workload with its built-in file sharing and storage solution, whether your staff are in separate rooms, buildings or countries. That means whether you're messaging or video conferencing, your files can be accessed by all who need them, at the touch of the button. You can also easily share screens, sketches or whiteboards. Access, version and data loss control is easy, with regular updates, end to end encryption, PIN codes and Cloudlock to prevent access. But it doesn't end there.

Integration made simple

Remember all those isolated stores of information? Well, Cisco Webex Teams are now helping you coordinate them in one centralised place, thanks to integration with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online via their already-built-in file sharing capabilities. For businesses currently utilising Microsoft Office 365, this makes it easy to download and upload files directly through the Webex Team workspace – no more having to exit windows or switch apps to browse through another file store. You can continue chatting, presenting or conferencing with minimal fuss and interference.

The future's connected

And Cisco aren't stopping at just providing Microsoft integrarion. To truly realise their dream of offering a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management solution, they are currently working on expanding their integrations to Dropbox, Box and G Suite. So whatever your preferred style of working, there will be no drop in productivity.

At UCtel, we're committed to bringing you the very best in integrated communications and technology, to ensure all parts of your business can work well together. As a Cisco Select certified partner, we can help you implement this progressive built-in file sharing and storage solution to streamline the way you work, with integration with other software no longer a barrier. Find out more by getting in touch today.

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