Business losing out due to dropped mobile signal

Poor communication in a business is disruptive, unprofessional and damaging to growth.

When was the last time you were on the phone, about to close the deal with a potential customer only to find yourself in an office dead zone? The signal drops and your customer’s voice breaks-up or disappears, leaving you with a lost opportunity.

Are your visitors or guests unable to make or receive calls on their mobile devices? Do they have to always go onto Wi-Fi to get connected? Frustrating to say the least.

Cisco Meraki

But these aren’t the only casualty of inefficient mobile coverage.

When customer services are weak, and your workforce is struggling to remain professional due to dropped signal, productivity dips. The retention of customers and attracting a new audience then become a challenge, resulting in a decline of business growth and ROI.

Approximately 85% of your workforce is using more than one device to communicate at work, sending and receiving some of the 293 billion emails sent across the globe every day. But how many of these are getting stuck in an outbox due to bad data? And how many of these are opportunities going to waste?

Across the UK, productivity improves by 25% in organisations when employees are connected. But indoor mobile coverage is a serious problem across the entire UK – with 23% of businesses STILL plodding along without it. But when 89% of business owners believe it to be extremely important, something needs to shift.

UCtel understand that businesses want a system that can address poor coverage pain points, but at an affordable price. In fact, with 41% of you claiming exactly that, the team had to find a solution. And that solution is Cel-fi.

A revolutionary, award-winning product – developed by Nextivity Inc – simplifies daily interactions by improving indoor coverage with up to 1000x stronger signal. As Ofcom-Licence exempt and carrier approved and endorsed, it won’t interfere with other wireless products, ultimately delivering streamlined communications across your business.

Covering spaces no-one has covered before, Cel-fi…

  • Cel-fi is the ONLY signal booster authorised for use in nearly 100 countries by almost 200 mobile operators
  • Will achieve optimal indoor voice quality and data speeds
  • Is ideal for small businesses and enterprise environments
  • Can be installed and managed by UCtel

Even if the mobile signal in your office is inhibited or blocked by trees, hills, buildings or bad weather, Cel-fi cannot be stopped. Reproducing 3G and 4G connections and propagating signal coverage, it won’t overlap WiFi and can be easily switched between networks.

But with this level of technology, you also need experts - in the form of UCtel. As certified partners of Cel-fi, the team offer overarching management and maintenance services. Call UCtel today on 0333 344 4417 and get your business connected.

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