Universal Federation with Cisco Spark

Imagine a workplace that had the capability to enable real and true any-to-any communications. No loss of features or functionality as you conduct business with colleagues and business clients across the globe. Cisco Spark is evolving closer to this ideal, and at UCtel, we have already helped businesses reap the benefits of Cisco Spark Universal Federation.

What is Universal Federation?

Universal Federation has foundations in the technology already being used for consumer communications, and experts looked at how this could be used and adapted for the workplace. Cue the addition of security and policy capabilities, and 3 key features that have not been seen in previous generations. These are:

  1. Feature transparency - Company A could talk to company B, with no loss of features, and communicate internally and externally the same way. This means all Cisco Spark features, such as video calling, file transfer, and instant messaging would operate the same way.
  2. No set-up or configuration required - If both parties are using Cisco Spark, then you'll be ready to go, and you'll only need workplace email addresses to start a message thread or place a call using the system.
  3. Capability to communicate with free and consumer users - Cisco Spark has a free version of the app that anyone can download and use via desktop, mobile, and web. Connect with small business users, consumers trying it out for fun, or consultants in a large company testing its capabilities.

Interested in trying it for yourself?

As a Cisco Certified Select Partner, UCtel can offer years of experience in installing and delivering flexible, and high-quality communication products. Get in touch today and we can identify how Cisco Spark can best help your business, and how we can seamlessly introduce Universal Federation to your workplace in a simple and secure way.

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