Introducing the Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro

If your organisation needs a way to facilitate superior video conferencing on its premises, then the brand new Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro is great news. Building and also improving on previous Cisco technology, it makes conferencing easy, no matter how complex the arrangements. From large rooms to auditoriums and boardroom spaces, the Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro is outstanding.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro - why is it so amazing? 

Put simply, it gives endless possibilities to combine people with content. Currently, about 1.5 million Cisco devices are found in meeting rooms globally, trusted and loved for the performance and flexibility they offer. This latest product builds on that to offer much more. This includes: 

  • Powerful choice of 6 concurrent video inputs
  • 3 outputs – one at 4kp30 and two at 4kp60 
  • Total of 8 microphone inputs
  • Handy Cloud and on-premises registration

This range of features is why this new kit from Cisco will give you the freedom to deal with any video conferencing scenario. The kit will support any size of screen with an astonishing three 4k outputs allowing you to bring a massive number of people and content focused situations to life. Also boasting the same fabulous AI technology currently being used in Cisco products such as noise suppression, this new kit really changes the game. 

Integration is king

The real beauty of this new Cisco room kit is the way it offers a single, central system to work from. The screens are seamlessly partnered with the kit itself, so you don't need a separate control to work them. Using this kit is also much simpler than having different systems running to keep control of and monitor. The overall effect is that you have a cleaner, simpler workflow and are given the power to provide amazing video conferencing within your business. 

Let UCtel install it today

As a Cisco Select certified partner, we are very excited about this latest room kit. If you think it could help your business too, then why not get in touch today? We will use our experience and expertise to discuss how the new Webex room kit can help and arrange to install it for you. With training sessions offered for support staff and a commitment to helping integrated communications work for you, UCtel are the people to call.

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