Introducing the Cisco Spark Board and what it can do for your business

The Cisco Spark Board is a unique device that can help transform the way your company does business. Having a Cisco Spark Board installed in your boardroom means that you'll have multiple devices, including a wireless presentation tool, a video and audio conferencing device and a whiteboard all in one. Not only will you be able to make more advanced and involved presentations at the touch of a finger, but with the Cisco Spark app, you'll be able to connect to any teams you have outside of the room through devices of your choice.

Designed with your needs in mind

The Cisco Spark Board will help make your life easier. No longer will you have to drag devices in or out of your conference room, instead the Cisco Spark Board gives you multiple devices in one easy to use, high-quality app. The touch-based board enables high-quality collaboration and gives you everything you need to perform multiple day-to-day business functions.

Safe and secure

Whether it's designs for new products, a marketing strategy or something else entirely, the Cisco Spark Board can store everything created on it within the cloud. By safely securing your data, team members will be able to pick up where they left off and continue with the work on the device of their choosing. Ultimately, a Cisco Spark Board is much more than a presentation tool, it frees up your workforce and encourages effective collaboration.


If you want to discover first hand what the Cisco Spark Board can do for your business, then UCtel can help. We will work hard to bring together all the different tools your business needs to achieve better collaboration between departments, in one seamless and integrated package. So if you've become frustrated with the way your company communicates, then it might be time to seriously consider the transformative effect of the Cisco Spark Board.


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