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Universal Federation with Cisco Spark

Imagine a workplace that had the capability to enable real and true any-to-any communications. No loss of features or functionality as you conduct business with colleagues and business clients across the globe. Cisco Spark is evolving closer to this ideal, and at UCtel, we have already helped businesses reap the benefits of Cisco Spark Universal Federation.

What is Universal Federation?

Universal Federation has foundations in the technology already being used for consumer communications, and experts looked at how this could be used and adapted for the workplace. Cue the addition of security and policy capabilities, and 3 key features that have not been seen in previous generations. These are:

  1. Feature transparency - Company A could talk to company B, with no loss of features, and communicate internally and externally the same way. This means all Cisco Spark features, such as video calling, file transfer, and instant messaging would operate the same way.
  2. No set-up or configuration required - If both parties are using Cisco Spark, then you'll be ready to go, and you'll only need workplace email addresses to start a message thread or place a call using the system.
  3. Capability to communicate with free and consumer users - Cisco Spark has a free version of the app that anyone can download and use via desktop, mobile, and web. Connect with small business users, consumers trying it out for fun, or consultants in a large company testing its capabilities.

Interested in trying it for yourself?

As a Cisco Certified Select Partner, UCtel can offer years of experience in installing and delivering flexible, and high-quality communication products. Get in touch today and we can identify how Cisco Spark can best help your business, and how we can seamlessly introduce Universal Federation to your workplace in a simple and secure way.

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How the Cisco Flex Plan could revolutionise the way your business communicates

As your company goes from strength to strength, no doubt you are coming to realise the overwhelming benefits of effective communication internally and externally. This includes communication with colleagues in the same office, outside the office and abroad. The Cisco Flex Plan is a secure and adaptable solution which could be the way forward for your business. Here are the range of benefits on offer:

Cisco Flex Plan


  • Engage in video conferencing with team members and potential clients from anywhere in the world. There is no need to physically be in one location.
  • Adaptable telephony solutions dependant on the needs of your business.
  • Quickly and effectively message on a secure platform with specific groups within your organisation and share files and documents.

Benefits of the Cisco Flex Plan

The Cisco Flex Plan is adaptable to the needs of your organisation, allowing you a subscription-based model of installing and using Cisco. This plan is flexible and allows you to upgrade or downgrade desired features and capabilities as the needs of your business change. All the plan involves is the installation of some on-premises infrastructure and some cloud-based servicing. You benefit from great quality customer care and support that is on hand whenever your business requires it.

What’s the next step?

To make sure you get the correct package that suits your needs, it is good to speak to a trusted and qualified installer of Cisco. That’s where Uctel comes in. We are a trusted and leading installation company with years of industry expertise to ensure you get the quality of product you deserve. If you would like to find out more about the Cisco Flex Plan and how it can benefit your company, get in contact with us today.


Create a personalised learning experience with Cisco Spark

How students are being taught is changing and Cisco Spark Education can help bring your educational services into the modern world. There was once a time where students would simply attend a class, sit behind a desk, listen to what their teacher had to say, take notes and then do plenty of studying if an exam was around the corner. With learning environments today, however, the demands on students are much greater, which means that institutions have to offer much more in terms of how subjects are taught.

A personal approach

With both Cisco Spark and the Cisco Spark board, you can fully personalise the learning experience for your students. Studies have shown that personalised learning can help improve exam results and make students feel included. It enables educators to teach students as individuals and allows for researchers and educators to work together across boundaries.

New possibilities

By implementing Cisco Spark into your educational institution, you'll instantly be opening a whole world of new possibilities for your students. We know that educators what to be able to create blended learning within the classrooms and with Cisco Spark in your corner, you'll be able to allow your students to learn in the best possible way: from any device they choose, at any time and from anywhere.

Project-based learning

With Cisco Spark, project-based learning becomes easy, meaning any student is able to put their focus towards key curriculum skills while at the same time investigating new questions and challenges. While, in the past, project-based learning would have been a difficult thing to implement, Cisco Spark enables students and educators alike to do it all within one platform which is easy to access, monitor and grade.

Round the clock communication

One of the best aspects of Cisco Spark is that it allows educators to stay on top of their communication demands by freeing them up from office hours and having their time clogged up with in-person meetings. With office hours now going virtual, it means that students, as well as educators and researchers, have a reliance on technology when it comes to communication and Cisco Spark can provide that opportunity along with giving everyone the chance to collectively share and brainstorm.

At UCtel, we've worked with plenty of educational establishments and helped them identify ways they can use Cisco Spark to their advantage. We know the unique challenges the education sector faces and how advanced communication and collaboration can transform the learning experience. So if you'd like to see what Cisco Spark can do for you, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Introducing the Cisco Spark Board and what it can do for your business

The Cisco Spark Board is a unique device that can help transform the way your company does business. Having a Cisco Spark Board installed in your boardroom means that you'll have multiple devices, including a wireless presentation tool, a video and audio conferencing device and a whiteboard all in one. Not only will you be able to make more advanced and involved presentations at the touch of a finger, but with the Cisco Spark app, you'll be able to connect to any teams you have outside of the room through devices of your choice.

Designed with your needs in mind

The Cisco Spark Board will help make your life easier. No longer will you have to drag devices in or out of your conference room, instead the Cisco Spark Board gives you multiple devices in one easy to use, high-quality app. The touch-based board enables high-quality collaboration and gives you everything you need to perform multiple day-to-day business functions.

Safe and secure

Whether it's designs for new products, a marketing strategy or something else entirely, the Cisco Spark Board can store everything created on it within the cloud. By safely securing your data, team members will be able to pick up where they left off and continue with the work on the device of their choosing. Ultimately, a Cisco Spark Board is much more than a presentation tool, it frees up your workforce and encourages effective collaboration.


If you want to discover first hand what the Cisco Spark Board can do for your business, then UCtel can help. We will work hard to bring together all the different tools your business needs to achieve better collaboration between departments, in one seamless and integrated package. So if you've become frustrated with the way your company communicates, then it might be time to seriously consider the transformative effect of the Cisco Spark Board.


Why your customers will thank you for using Cisco Spark Care

Cisco Spark Care is a customer care solution that works seamlessly, as the name implies, with the Cisco Spark suite. Designed for use by smaller teams of up to 20, Cisco Spark Care lets the group communicate via web chat and call-back. Simply put, it gives a smaller company all the advantages of the customer service systems used by their larger competitors.

Cisco Spark Care

As more and more people use the internet to search for information, they are also expecting to find the answers and be able to connect with businesses right there and then; no one wants to wait. Cisco Spark Care gives you the ability to add live web chat to your website and live chat gives you an opportunity to communicate with your customers when they want to talk. They can ask questions, explain their concerns and you get more chances to close a sale and build customer relationships from the very first time they visit your website.

For customers that don't like to chat online, Cisco Spark Care gives them the chance to request a call-back; your staff can then return the customer's call at a time that is convenient for everyone.

At your end, you get a clean, simple workspace for handling your customer care work. Cisco Spark Care maintains history of customer contact, so a client never needs to feel like you don't remember and value them. It's easy to keep on top of what's going on with customer care for management too, as Cisco Spark Care gives you reports on team and individual performance, as well as customer satisfaction metrics and more.

Cisco Spark Care is a cost-effective way for smaller teams, and a trained member of the Uctel Team could have it up and running for you in no time at all. If you'd like to get in touch and start serving your customers better, please give us a call today.


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