Create a personalised learning experience with Cisco Spark

How students are being taught is changing and Cisco Spark Education can help bring your educational services into the modern world. There was once a time where students would simply attend a class, sit behind a desk, listen to what their teacher had to say, take notes and then do plenty of studying if an exam was around the corner. With learning environments today, however, the demands on students are much greater, which means that institutions have to offer much more in terms of how subjects are taught.

A personal approach

With both Cisco Spark and the Cisco Spark board, you can fully personalise the learning experience for your students. Studies have shown that personalised learning can help improve exam results and make students feel included. It enables educators to teach students as individuals and allows for researchers and educators to work together across boundaries.

New possibilities

By implementing Cisco Spark into your educational institution, you'll instantly be opening a whole world of new possibilities for your students. We know that educators what to be able to create blended learning within the classrooms and with Cisco Spark in your corner, you'll be able to allow your students to learn in the best possible way: from any device they choose, at any time and from anywhere.

Project-based learning

With Cisco Spark, project-based learning becomes easy, meaning any student is able to put their focus towards key curriculum skills while at the same time investigating new questions and challenges. While, in the past, project-based learning would have been a difficult thing to implement, Cisco Spark enables students and educators alike to do it all within one platform which is easy to access, monitor and grade.

Round the clock communication

One of the best aspects of Cisco Spark is that it allows educators to stay on top of their communication demands by freeing them up from office hours and having their time clogged up with in-person meetings. With office hours now going virtual, it means that students, as well as educators and researchers, have a reliance on technology when it comes to communication and Cisco Spark can provide that opportunity along with giving everyone the chance to collectively share and brainstorm.

At UCtel, we've worked with plenty of educational establishments and helped them identify ways they can use Cisco Spark to their advantage. We know the unique challenges the education sector faces and how advanced communication and collaboration can transform the learning experience. So if you'd like to see what Cisco Spark can do for you, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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