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Integrating Cisco into your existing Microsoft infrastructure

If your business currently uses Microsoft products but is thinking of implementing Cisco technology alongside it, you may be wondering how this is possible. The two networks are actually fairly easy to integrate and can work alongside each other with no disruption to your business. Here at UCTel, we have performed this process for many companies and are experts at managing it effectively.

Microsoft Cisco

Full range of integration is supported

In the modern business world, it is hard to find an office that doesn't use one of Microsoft's products. This means that Cisco has been developed to be a genuine multi-vendor solution in response. Indeed, Cisco is investing heavily in this area to allow more of its products to be implemented alongside existing Microsoft software.

Chief among this is the way Cisco can work with the major software products from Microsoft, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Cisco Spark has full native rendering of these files within it; this means they form a key centrepiece of the Cisco content strategy. We can use our many years of experience when installing your Cisco products to give you this functionality.

Web-ex productivity via Outlook

Another very popular Microsoft product is the email suite Outlook. UCTel can install the relevant Cisco tools to integrate fully with Outlook for full Web-ex productivity. This will give your staff the ability to schedule meetings with just one click for increased ease of use. Cisco Jabber supports other fabulous integrations such as Click-to-Chat in Outlook for a further example of how Cisco services can be implemented alongside your current Microsoft ones.

Active Directory and Exchange included too

Of course, the above are two of the major products in terms of Microsoft for business. Cisco recognises this and ensure that their tools like Cisco Spark can work with them for accurate and easy productivity. When having your Cisco products installed, you can rest assured that they will be able to work with major Microsoft tools like this with no problem.

If you would like more information on how we at UCTel can help integrate Cisco into your organisation in a simple and effective manner, give us a call today! As a Cisco certified partner, we can make sure the solutions implemented are perfect for your individual needs.

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Cisco VR can improve collaboration in your business

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming more and more advanced, and Cisco Spark VR brings this technology to the business world. Using the Oculus Rift headset, Cisco Spark VR allows people miles apart from each other to enter the same virtual room and work together.

Cisco Spark Virtual Reality VR

Cisco Spark integration

Cisco Spark VR links very closely to the existing Cisco Spark app. So, all the features you get in Cisco Spark, including files and whiteboards, are available in the VR space. You can even collaborate across the two mediums - for example, some participants can be looking at a physical spark board, others the VR one, and updates to both are synced in real-time.

No meeting rooms needed

While some businesses have an almost inexhaustible supply of meeting rooms, others are more limited in this respect. With Cisco Spark VR, you don’t need a meeting room - everyone can enter the same virtual space just using the Oculus Rift headset. This means your work doesn’t have to stop just because no rooms are available.

More natural remote working

With Cisco Spark VR, you interact with virtual objects and documents in a more natural manner than with typical remote collaboration. You use your hands to pick up the virtual stylus and write on the whiteboard, or to pin a document to the wall for other people to see.

First mover advantage

VR technology is advancing rapidly, and it will quickly permeate our working lives. Adopting Cisco Spark VR helps you get ahead of the pack, allowing your employees to become accustomed to this way of working earlier than your competition.

Do you want to take collaboration in your business to the next level? At UCtel we are experts at improving communication methods in modern business, and we have an excellent track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. We’re also a Cisco certified Select Partner, so we can ensure seamless integration between Cisco Spark VR and your existing systems. Get in touch with us today - we’d love to talk to you about how VR can enhance your business.

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4 major enterprise breakthroughs for Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark is built with the modern workforce in mind. It allows high levels of user collaboration like file sharing and whiteboarding while providing a reliable and continuous chat and video experience. The latest version is available from the Cisco Spark Control Hub and comes with 4 major enterprise breakthroughs in analytics, security and compliance, to meet legal requirements and keep all your ideas and information safe.

Cisco Spark Fluid Analytics

End-to-end message encryption plus enterprise compliance features

With its launch in August, Cisco Spark became the very first enterprise messaging product to combine e-discovery and data-loss tools with end-to-end message encryption, allowing large companies to fulfill legal obligations while keeping sensitive data safe.

Fluid analytics for ease of insight

Monitor call quality with a few simple clicks and check to see if the problem is affecting other users. Simple data manipulation that feels as if you have the entire cloud database at your fingertips.

Mobile device security for non-managed devices

Baked key device and application features to simplify the integration of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs for mobile and PC. Includes Enterprise Certificate Pinning to protect users from malicious hotspot providers, plus Web Smart Timeouts to automatically log out devices running outside the company network.

Data security equivalent to on-premises storage

Another industry first for Cisco Spark. Gives customers the ability to protect themselves from attacks against the actual Spark cloud, and enables them to encrypt and decrypt all content by running a key server on their premises.

If you think Cisco Spark is just what your company needs then give us a call. As a Cisco Certified Select Partner, UCtel has years of experience in the installation and delivery of high-quality communication products. We can help you identify exactly how your business can get the most and best benefit from Cisco Spark.

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Universal Federation with Cisco Spark

Imagine a workplace that had the capability to enable real and true any-to-any communications. No loss of features or functionality as you conduct business with colleagues and business clients across the globe. Cisco Spark is evolving closer to this ideal, and at UCtel, we have already helped businesses reap the benefits of Cisco Spark Universal Federation.

What is Universal Federation?

Universal Federation has foundations in the technology already being used for consumer communications, and experts looked at how this could be used and adapted for the workplace. Cue the addition of security and policy capabilities, and 3 key features that have not been seen in previous generations. These are:

  1. Feature transparency - Company A could talk to company B, with no loss of features, and communicate internally and externally the same way. This means all Cisco Spark features, such as video calling, file transfer, and instant messaging would operate the same way.
  2. No set-up or configuration required - If both parties are using Cisco Spark, then you'll be ready to go, and you'll only need workplace email addresses to start a message thread or place a call using the system.
  3. Capability to communicate with free and consumer users - Cisco Spark has a free version of the app that anyone can download and use via desktop, mobile, and web. Connect with small business users, consumers trying it out for fun, or consultants in a large company testing its capabilities.

Interested in trying it for yourself?

As a Cisco Certified Select Partner, UCtel can offer years of experience in installing and delivering flexible, and high-quality communication products. Get in touch today and we can identify how Cisco Spark can best help your business, and how we can seamlessly introduce Universal Federation to your workplace in a simple and secure way.

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How the Cisco Flex Plan could revolutionise the way your business communicates

As your company goes from strength to strength, no doubt you are coming to realise the overwhelming benefits of effective communication internally and externally. This includes communication with colleagues in the same office, outside the office and abroad. The Cisco Flex Plan is a secure and adaptable solution which could be the way forward for your business. Here are the range of benefits on offer:

Cisco Flex Plan


  • Engage in video conferencing with team members and potential clients from anywhere in the world. There is no need to physically be in one location.
  • Adaptable telephony solutions dependant on the needs of your business.
  • Quickly and effectively message on a secure platform with specific groups within your organisation and share files and documents.

Benefits of the Cisco Flex Plan

The Cisco Flex Plan is adaptable to the needs of your organisation, allowing you a subscription-based model of installing and using Cisco. This plan is flexible and allows you to upgrade or downgrade desired features and capabilities as the needs of your business change. All the plan involves is the installation of some on-premises infrastructure and some cloud-based servicing. You benefit from great quality customer care and support that is on hand whenever your business requires it.

What’s the next step?

To make sure you get the correct package that suits your needs, it is good to speak to a trusted and qualified installer of Cisco. That’s where Uctel comes in. We are a trusted and leading installation company with years of industry expertise to ensure you get the quality of product you deserve. If you would like to find out more about the Cisco Flex Plan and how it can benefit your company, get in contact with us today.


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