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Cisco Spark is now Cisco Webex Teams

For any users of Cisco Spark, a significant change is on the horizon. Recent news from Cisco at their April 2018 summit in Phoenix has seen them announce the convergence of Cisco Spark with Cisco Webex. This powerful new rebranding will see just one, new product emerge - Cisco Webex Teams.

Cisco Webex Teams

What is Cisco Webex Teams?

In essence, Cisco have merged Spark and Webex to create a new platform that gives the best of both to users. Prior to this merge, users would have been tied to using either Cisco Spark or Cisco Webex. With one product to simplify the meeting process, it gives much greater functionality than before. All meetings are now joinable from the Webex Meetings or Teams app and offer a common set of controls to users.

There is also a brand new type of meeting available, called a Webex Team Meeting. This makes use of the latest technology to let users in a defined space meet and chat in a more straightforward, secure way.

What does this mean for the future of team meetings?

Prior to this convergence, Spark and Webex ran as two separate entities on their own servers. With Webex Teams, Cisco data centres and the cloud are used to power meetings much more efficiently. This will give Webex Teams users the best possible quality and lowest latency for video meetings.

Industry-leading multi-collaboration tool

Perhaps the biggest feature of Cisco Webex Teams is the industry defining solution it offers for multi-collaboration. In the past, this would have required guest log-ins to be created for external participants which were a security risk as well as time-consuming. With Cisco Webex Teams, this is no longer needed!

The technology involved means that all users exist in a single, shared area of the cloud. No guest accounts are needed as full B2B collaboration is built in. Participants in a meeting simply join themselves via the same app with no outside IT help needed! 

Let UCtel help install Cisco Webex Teams today

At UCtel we are experts in all the Cisco systems and this includes Webex Teams. Why not call us today and find out how we can implement this powerful new platform into your business? Integration of this outstanding solution will be quick and seamless. 

Call today to find out just how we can install Webex Teams to help drive your business forward.


How you can boost sales by using Cisco Spark

In modern sales, it’s rare to find a jack-of-all-trades – most salespeople are specialists in a particular field, knowing everything about a particular range, platform, service or product line. It’s difficult to be an all-encompassing font of knowledge about multiple services, which highlights the importance of collaboration.

Cisco Spark Sales

Collaborative sales efforts have a significant effect on conversions, yet many organisations still don’t have an efficient sales collaboration system in place. The solution is quite simple: Cisco Spark.

Why choose Cisco Spark?

If your sales team is scattered across the country, bringing them together for a sales call can be expensive and impractical. Cisco Spark facilitates setting up sales meetings and arranging follow-up conference calls with ease and efficiency. It’s ideal for:

  • Bringing people together, regardless of where they are based.
  • Reducing in-person meetings.
  • Allowing your team to connect instantly with video and voice messaging.
  • Sharing account and customer information across teams.

Collaboration improves sales

In an age where consumers want information about the features of a service or product at the point of research, it’s important for your sales team to be ready to interact at the convenience of the prospective buyer.

However, sales teams are stronger together. Around 73% of salespeople agree that cross-department collaboration is important to the sales process. With the need for more frequent interaction comes the requirement for a collaborative conferencing solution which facilitates the meeting of salespeople and customers in a convenient, easy-to-organise manner.

Improve your sales with Cisco Spark

Video conferencing makes it infinitely easier to connect with customers and to liaise with colleagues to discuss conversion tactics. It facilitates the seamless sharing of vital information, and ultimately this results in more sales.

If you’d like to implement a sales-focused collaboration solution which can increase productivity by more than 25%, UCtel can help. For more information on how Cisco Spark could improve sales, simply get in touch, and our team of professionals will be happy to discuss your requirements.


How Uctel Can Integrate Cisco Spark Seamlessely Into Existing Business Systems

UCtel is a certified Cisco Select Partner, with several years of experience and expertise in delivering and integrating Cisco Spark Assistant into workplaces.

Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark is the world’s most advanced and first enterprise-ready virtual assistant created especially to assist with meetings and human collaboration. Using conversational AI technology, Cisco Spark was developed after Cisco’s acquisition of MindMeld and brings AI power cognitive capabilities to business systems. 

Cisco Spark can help you and your organisation before, during and after meetings, and its conversational AI technology assists in four key ways - starting meetings, joining and leaving meetings, calling anyone in your organisation, and navigating and controlling your Cisco Spark devices.

And Cisco Spark is only going to get better, smarter, more accurate, more intuitive and more compatible with an increasing number of devices.

It will soon be able to recognise members of your organisation as they enter any meeting room with a Cisco Spark registered endpoint, and also learn from calendars, as well as both you and your company activity within the Cisco Spark Space.

It will also be able to learn about your organisation’s unique operations through the processing of internal data sources with best in class security, and also gather insights from activities that occur outside of Cisco Spark.

At UCtel, we offer an absolutely seamless and secure integration process when connecting Cisco Spark to existing on-premises communication systems. Cisco Spark has also recently been accredited with the ISO27001 certification, meaning you and your organisation can rest assured that you are working with a platform that follows best practice and the highest standards in its operation of a secure cloud service.

UCtel can help you grow your business by extending the value of on-premises or managed solutions and help you to differentiate yourself and get ahead of competitors by using a cloud collaboration service that is simple, secure, and complete.

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Hybrid Video Conferencing Technology with Cisco Spark

The Cisco Spark Hybrid Media Service enables businesses to utilise video conferencing technologies which bridge the gap between premises-based video conferencing and cloud-based video conferencing. There's no more need to ensure business server capacity for video conferencing at peak times and the high quality and definition video conferencing offered from business premises is guaranteed.

On-premise and cloud-based solutions

It's always been the case that on-premises video conferencing has required IT departments to deploy and utilise servers that are owned and operated by the business to produce the bridging, switching and mixing functions required to enable the voice, content and video share required by video conferencing. Cloud-based solutions have provided a server situated in the cloud, but excessive bandwidth consumption and quality issues associated with using the public internet have resulted in a poor service providing low quality video.

About the Cisco Spark Hybrid Media Service

This hybrid on-premise/cloud video solution provides all the benefits offered by in-company video conferencing, coupled with the advantages of using the cloud for capacity solutions. The Cisco Spark Hybrid Media Service utilises an on-premises technology in the form of a media node, which is a server that registers to the cloud and is available as a conferencing resource. Guests at video conferences join up via a media node situated in their own premises or via a local WebEx connection. This cuts out the poor quality of video that's often associated with cloud video conferencing, enabling the high definition and quality of video that's expected from an on-site provider.

New and existing WebEx customers will find that Cisco Spark Hybrid Media Services provide a meeting experience with a vastly improved quality of service for users joining meetings from video endpoints. What's more, bandwidth costs are vastly reduced, providing a great financial incentive.

UCtel can tailor and deliver Cisco solutions for businesses of any size. Contact us for more information.

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Cisco Spark is now ISO27001 certified

If you're looking to implement a secure and reliable cloud-based service at your company, you'll be pleased to know that Cisco Spark has recently been accredited with the ISO27001 certification.

Cisco Spark IS027001

As a certified Cisco Select Partner, UCtel has many years' experience delivering both Cisco Spark and Cisco Spark Hybrid to companies. Our integration process is absolutely seamless, allowing you to connect your existing on-premises call control to the cloud-based messaging and collaboration capabilities of Cisco Spark. We can also make easy work of improving any pre-existing on-premises or managed solutions. With our secure, straightforward, and thorough cloud collaboration service, you’ll find it easy to differentiate yourself and get ahead of your competitors.

In December, Cisco was awarded the ISO27001 certification for following best practices in operating a secure cloud service. Though you usually see all kinds of certifications on the landing pages of companies like Cisco, ISO27001 certification is an exceedingly formal process. It defines an extensive list of operational requirements that a given service has to meet, documents how the service is meeting them, then proves how they keep on meeting them. The process covers many different facets of the service, including inventory management, incident control, vulnerability scanning and even employee management. With all the rigorous testing involved in their particular certification, customers can rest assured that Cisco is ISO27001, and therefore is following best practice for them.

Though getting a cloud service ready for ISO27001 is a lot of work, Cisco has certainly given itself a strong foundation for success. The operational requirements for most of its products alone mean that most customers end up getting their system ISO27001-ready just by following simple instructions. According to an official press release, most of Cisco’s work has simply been gathering the extensive paperwork needed for a ISO27001 certification.

If you’d like to implement Cisco Spark at your business, and want to make sure the process is in good hands, get in touch today!

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